Established in April 2008, Genesis Film Productions is a Southern California-based company which provides complete film and video production solutions.

We specialize in providing the best possible productions within the scope of both our clients’ budget and deadline requirements. The company has established itself as a video production company niched in private and public sector education related video productions.  We are staffed and equipped to produce music videos, P.R. firm shoots, television commercials, documentaries, infomercial projects, and independent film productions.

Our goals:

  • Maintain the highest possible level of integrity in our business practices
  • Maintain a level of quality that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers
  • Maintain a positive, productive work environment that fulfills our passion for filmmaking
  • Provide for continuing professional growth within our craft
  • Provide fulfilling employment opportunities for others
  • Contribute back to the community at large

We are committed to meeting our stated goals by adhering to a solid foundation of ethical principals.  The company will ensure that these principals are made known to and followed by all employees, interns, contractors and any other person or entity employed by us in our customer’s projects.

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